Wednesday, May 24, 2017

1st Conditional Practice

Here you have the answers for the 1st Conditional worksheet, correct it before the exam.

Put the verb into the correct first conditional form:
1. If I ______go____ (go) out tonight, I ____will go______ (go) to the cinema.
2. If you____get_____ (get) back late, I ___will be_____ (be) angry.
3. If we __don’t  see_ (not / see) each other tomorrow, we __will  see__ (see) each other next week.
4. If he __comes_____ (come), I ____’ll be____ (be) surprised.
5. If we __wait_____ (wait) here, we ___’ll be___ (be) late.
6. If we ___go_____ (go) on holiday this summer, we ____’ll go___ (go) to Spain.
7. If the weather _doesn’t improve__ (not / improve), we _won’t have__ (not / have) a picnic.
8. If I ____don’t go_____ (not / go) to bed early, I _’ll be____ (be) tired tomorrow.
9. If we ____eat_____ (eat) all this cake, we __’ll feel_____ (feel) sick.
10. If you ____don’t want___ (not / want) to go out, I ___’ll cook__ (cook) dinner at home.
11. I ____will come___ (come) early if you ___want___ (want).
12. They ____will go_____ (go)to the party if they ___are invited___ (be)invited.
13. She ____will stay_____ (stay)in London if she __gets___ (get) a job.
14. He ___won’t get__(not / get) a better job if he ___doesn’t pass__ (not /pass)that exam.
15. I__’ll buy____ (buy)a new dress if I ___have___ (have) enough money.
16. She ___’ll cook__ (cook) dinner if you __go____ (go) to the supermarket.
17. They __will go_____ (go) on holiday if they __have__ (have) time.
18. We __will be___ (be) late if we __don’t  hurry___ (not /hurry).
19. She ___’ll take_ (take) a taxi if it __rains__ (rain).

20. I __won’t go__ (not / go) if you __don’t come___ (not / come) with me.

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